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Albert, Florian
born: September 15, 1941, Hercegszanto, Hungary
World Cup scoring title and European Soccer Player of the Year (1967).

Barna, Victor
Ping Pong 
born: August 24, 1911, Budapest, Hungary
died: February 1972
Table Tennis World Champion

Pal Benko
born: July 15, 1928, Amiens, France
Chess Champion Grandmaster. US Chess Hall of Fame.

Besenyei, Péter
World Champion

Boloni, Ladislau (Laszlo)
Soccer Player and Romanian National Team Head Coach.

Boros, Julius
born: March 3, 1920, Bridgeport, CT
died: 1994

Bugner, Joe
born: 1950, Hungary
(WBF) World Heavyweight Boxing Champion, Australian Heavyweight Champion.

Csonka, Larry
born: December 25, 1946, Stow, OH
Running back for the Miami Dolphins. Hall of Fame. Super Bowl VIII MVP.

Egerszegi, Krisztina
born: August 16, 1974, Budapest, Hungary
Five-time Olympic Gold Medalist. Youngest Olympic champion ever. Only woman to win five gold medals in individual swimming events. 

Gogolak, Peter & Charlie
New York Giants. All-Pro. 

Groza, Lou
born: January 25, 1924, Martins Ferry, OH
died: November 29, 2000, Berea, OH 
Place kicker for the Cleveland Browns. Six-time All Pro. Hall of Fame.

Halas, George "Papa Bear" 
born: February 2, 1895, Chicago, IL
died: October 31, 1983
Hall of Fame football coach and founder of the Chicago Bears. Helped found the NFL

Hargitay, Mickey (Miklós)
born: October 19, 1927, Budapest, Hungary
Mr. Universe. Mariska Hargitay's dad.

Hingis, Martina
born: Kassa, [now called Kosice after Czech and Slovak annexation]
Was the youngest #1 ranked player ever at age 17, and became the youngest to win a Grand Slam title.

Hrabosky, Alan Thomas
born: July 21, 1949 Oakland, CA 
One of the most effective relievers of the 1970's Called "the Mad Hungarian" for wild-haired look and angry stomping on the mound. Plated with the St. Louis Cardinals, the Kansas City Royals and the Atlanta Braves

Ienei, Emeric (Imre)
Player and Romanian National Team Head Coach.

Károlyi, Béla and Márta
born: September 13, 1942, Kolozsvár, Transylvania)
U.S. Gymnastics Coach to Nadia Comaneci, and Mary Lou Retton. Defected from Romania September 1980.

Horse Racing 
born: 1874
Filly :)

Kiraly, Karch
born: November 3, 1960, Jackson, MI
Three-time Olympic Gold Medalist and Professional Volleyball Player.

Kocsis, Sándor
born: 10859
died: 28692
Member of the "Magnificent Magyars"

Kosár, Bernie
born: November 25, 1963, Youngstown, OH 
Quarterback for the Browns, Cowboys and the Dolphins. 

Mednyanszky, Maria
Ping Pong 
born: 1901
died: 1979, Budapest
Table Tennis Champion. First official female World Champion

Medwick, Joe
born: 1911
died: 1975
Played in World-Series. Nicknamed "The Muscular Magyar" Hall of Fame.

Molnar, Miklos
born: June 10, 1970, Copenhagen, Denmark
Kansas City Wizards, International.

Nagy, Charles
born: May 5, 1967, Fairfield, CT
Pitcher for the Cleveland Indians. Three-time All-Star. Olympics Gold Medal Winner.

Namath (Németh), Joe
Quarterback for New York Jets. Hall of Fame. Super Bowl MVP.

Orosz, Tom
NFL Football Player. Superbowl Punter for the Miami Dolphins. Wore #3 

Papp, Laszlo
born: March 25, 1926 Budapest, Hungary
First boxer in history to win three consecutive Olympic Gold Medals.

Polgár, Zsuzsa (Susan)
Woman's World Chess Champion, and reigning woman World champion in Blitz and Rapid Chess. She was the first woman to earn an overall Chess Grand Master title in 1991.

Polgár, Judit (Judith)
Grandmaster at 15 years old. 10th in the World Chess Federation. Highest rated female chess player in the world. First female player to win the U.S. Open Chess Championship in 1988.

Polgár, Zsófia (Sofia)

Pozsár, Géza
U.S. Gymnastics National Team coach and choreographer.

Puskás, Ferenc
born: April 2, 1927, Budapest
Members of the "Magnificent Magyars"

Reményi , Maria Judith 
Beauty Queen
Miss USA 1966 

Seles, Monica
born: Vajdaság (Vojvodina), the Hungarian region that was given to Serbia/Yugoslavia.
Won nine Grand Slam singles titles. Bronze medal in the Sydney Olympics 2000. 

Shula, Don
born: 1930
Football coach for the 17-0 Miami Dolphins. Winningest Coach in NFL History. Hall of Fame.

Sipos, Anna
Ping Pong 
born: 1908, Hungary
died: 1972
Table Tennis first female player to use the "pen holder grip." 

Stojko, Elvis
Ice dancing
born: March 22, 1972, Newmarket, grew up in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada
Three-time World Champion. Seven-time Canadian National Champion. Two-time Olympic Silver Medalist. 

Szabados, Miklos
Ping Pong 
born: 1912
died: 1960
Six World Doubles titles 

Szabo, Ekaterina (Katalin)
born: January 22, 1966, Zágon, Transylvania (now in Romania)
Gymnast. Four Olympic gold medals and one silver in Los Angeles competing for Romania.

Szalay, Thatcher
born: January 18, 1979, OK
NFL Football Player Cincinnati Bengals. Wears #66.

Szalay, Professor
Father of British Weightlifting

Thesz, Lou

Varkonyi, Robert
born: 1961, Brooklyn, NY
Poker World Series Champion of 2002. First to Win $2 million. 

Vegh, Daniel
Ping Pong 
US ping pong champion

Vermes, Peter
born: November 21, 1966 in Willingboro, NJ
Kansas City Wizards, US National Team (captain), International