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Budapest Business Journal

​​General Look at the Business of Budapest and Hungary

​Edited much like Chicago's "Crain's Chicago Business," the "Budapest Business Journal" localizes its content to serve the needs of those doing business in Hungary's largest city. Its tone is not light, though it is very readable. An MBA is not required.

Not as in-depth as publications like the "Wall Street Journal," it does, however, highlight news necessary to serious Eastern European investors. Major articles on the current tax situation, work force issues, hedge funds and market trends all indicate that BBJ is working hard. The pieces indicate research and investigation, with a committed effort to examine all sides of the questions.

BBJ follows the personalities, movers and shakers, and trends that impact Hungary, with increasing news about the European Union. Commentaries and editorials are pro-Hungary, recognizing the great difficulty the region has, but the potential Hungary has as a leading financial center. As optimistic as the editorial staff is about the continued economic redemption of Hungary, articles lean honestly about the struggles and hurdles ahead.

Features include reviews of restaurants and entertainment, and presumes many readers are not regular visitors to Budapest.

Advertising is geared toward expats with higher incomes, with nicer restaurants, corporate services, and luxury travel filling the ad space.

While a meatier newspaper would be helpful, this is a good start. As the economy expands, so should this newspaper.