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Karaj: Slowly Smoked Pork is Delicious

Delicious! It serves well as a quick snack, or as a sandwich fixing (with a little mustard or light BBQ sauce).

Imagine the aroma of a nearby campfire, after pork has lingered on the grill, but not burnt. Somehow, that flavor, through careful smoking and salting, is infused into the Karaj Hungarian Pork Loin.

I prefer it in thin slices, eaten cool, but it is also an ingredient in various Hungarian soups. It goes well in a kind of pigs-in-a-blanket crescent roll wrap. Take an uncooked crescent roll, place a thin slice of the karaj, and bake as usual. Very fun for parties -- something different in the midst of something familiar.

It isn't spicy even though it is packed with taste. Fans of BBQ joints and smokehouse steakhouses with find the flavor familiar.

It keeps around six months unopened.

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