Traveling to Hungary?

If you are planning your first trip to Hungary, plan ahead. There's more to do and see than  you'll have time for, so be strategic. 

Buy a couple travel guides. Make sure they are by different publishers lest you read the same information twice. Each author will have a different perspective.

Same country, different lifestyle.

Budapest, for example, is obviously different than a village, but even the villages will have have distinctions. Some will have an eye for tourists, and others will be more agricultural. In the bigger cities, you'll find finer dining, but in the smaller communities, you'll enjoy more authentic cooking. 

Buy a phrasebook, country and city maps to each place you'll visit, and do your homework on the web. Wikipedia will be a great source to get a feel for things, as will any of the books below. Call or email ahead to ensure places are open. Just because a book says it is does not mean it didn't close since publication. 

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