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Hungarian Goulash

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Paprika wasn't added to the recipe for goulash until th
e 18th-century!
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So what makes it a Hungarian goulash (gulyás, pronounced gooi'yash)? This traditional stew of Hungary can be traced back to the Ninth Century Magyar shepherds. Made of chunks of meat and onions, it was cooked slowly until the liquid was boiled off. It would then be dried in the sun. This allowed the meat to be used to prepare a stew by boiling it in water. Delicious!

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Babják Fine Egg Noodles
Fine, narrow egg-noodle threads from Hungary cook in under six minutes.

Art of Hungarian Cooking
Paul Pogany Bennett, Velma R. Clark
Paperback - 225 pages Revised edition (December 1997)

Az Inyesmester nagy Szakacskonyve: The Art of Hungarian Cooking
Hardcover (June 1991)

The Hungarian Cookbook: The Pleasures of Hungarian Food and Wine

Susan Derecskey, Charles G. Derecskey, Susan Derecsky
Paperback - 288 pages 1st perenn edition (October 1987)

June Meyer's Authentic Hungarian Heirloom Recipes
June V. Meyer, Aaron D. Meyer (Editor)
Spiral-bound - 195 pages 2 Ed edition (March 5, 1998)

That Hungarian's in My Kitchen : 125 Hungarian/American Recipes
Linda F. Radke, Sylvia Mednick Weiss (Introduction), Mary E. Hawkins (Editor)
Paperback - 179 pages 4th edition (July 1997)

To Set Before the King : Katharina Schratt's Festive Recipes (Iowa Szathmary Culinary Arts Series)
Gertrud Graubart Champe (Editor), Paula Von Haimberger Arno (Editor), Louis Szathmary (Translator), David E. Schoonover
Hardcover (April 1996)

Hungarian Cookbook: Old World Recipes for New World Cooks
Yolanda Nagy Fintor
Hardcover: 190 pages

The Best of Slovak Cooking (New Hippocrene Original Cookbooks)
Sylvia Galova-Lorinc, Sylvia Lorinc, John M. Lorinc
Hardcover: 160 pages

Wines of Hungary: Mitchell Beazley Classic Wine Library
Alex Liddell
Paperback: 240 pages

The Hungarian Cookbook
Susan Derecskey
Paperback: 288 pages

Easy 45 Hungarian Recipes
by Csilla Keszeli
Paperback: 112 pages

Cooking the Hungarian Way
Magdolna Hargittai, Robert L. Wolfe (Photographer), Diane Wolfe (Photographer)
Reading level: Ages 9-12 Library Binding (April 1989)

Eva's Hungarian Kitchen
Eva M. Kende
Spiral-bound - 144 pages (1992)

Flavors of Hungary
Charlotte Slovak Biro
Paperback - 192 pages 3 edition (October 1998)

Hungarian Cooking
Elizabeth De Biro
Paperback (June 1978)

Hungarian Kitchen Parade
Erdfly-Markovics L.
Paperback (July 1986)

Hungarian Cooking (International Creative Cooking)
Hardcover (December 1988)

Margaret, Tom, and Mary's Authentic Hungarian Cookbook
Barbara Jean Prince, Barba J. Prince
Paperback - 48 pages (April 27, 1998)

Sensuous Hungarian-American Desserts. 52 Tempting Recipes. each less than 300 Calories per Serving

Eva M. Bonis, Molly Lynch (Photographer), Bryan Kelleher (Illustrator)
Paperback - 68 pages 0 edition (December 20, 1998)

Hungarian Cookbooks
Goulash Spice Mix
Goulash Spice Mix

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