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Want to be seen by those who love Hungary? Advertise here. No matter where you are in the world, help our visitors find you. 

As the leading Hungarian cultural online store in North America, our visitors are interested in Hungary, Hungarian things, and the Hungarian language. 

We are especially interested in:

  • Medical services in Hungarian (physicians, dentists, etc.)
  • Designers, writers, artists and related creative services who speak Hungarian
  • Hungarian Restaurants (Do you serve goulash? Or other food Hungarians love?)
  • Hungarian Grocery Stores (Do you exclusively sell Hungarian food or pan-European groceries?)
  • Companies which have Hungarian speakers
  • Etsy, eBay and other online companies
  • Social groups (free listing)
  • Directory listings are free to Hungarian churches and cultural groups

Basic Directory Listing
​We are building a directory which will include
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Basic Directory Listing PLUS
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Various sizes of banners are available.

Gold Sponsor

Be listed here as a Gold Sponsor. The Gold Sponsor page is linked on all pages from our top pull-down menu. An excellent choice for those who want a presence on the Hungarian Bookstore but don't need a full page. 


Have a page hosted on the Hungarian Bookstore dedicated to your business.


Contact us for rates and a more detailed list of options.

Bartering is available for products or services equal in value, upon agreement of Hungarian Bookstore staff. 

All listings are yearly, prepaid, prorated through December 31. 


We reserve the right to exclude ads we feel are not within the mission our our site.